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IMUGLO is a combination of elderberry and mekabu seaweed, the finest formulation that protects you from the inside out by stronger your immune system. Our immune system acts like a defense system in our body, it helps to fight against viruses, bacteria and parasites. IMUGLO is suitable for people with weak immune system / fall sick easily / experience frequent infections / elderly and middle-aged people / always eating outside or people with unhealthy lifestyle.

Tigrox系列第三弹,成人免疫力提升救星Imuglo!🤩🤩 免疫力是人体的第一道防护线,如果没有强壮的免疫系统,身体就容易被病菌打倒!🤒🤢 


😎😎 Imuglo含有三大专利免疫增强剂: 

✅ ElderCraft®️欧洲接骨木梅 

✅ Maritech®️褐藻糖胶 

✅ PureWay-C™️维生素C 


#Tigrox #Imuglo #成人守护王 

免疫系统是人体中用于抵抗、病毒、细菌和寄生虫等的防御系统。 当人体免疫力不足时,我们就面对这些问题:经常生病、消化不良、营养不良、皮肤敏感、容易发炎、伤口需要长时间愈合等等。Wellous了解免疫力下降是许多现代人正在面对的健康困境,所以特别研发了Imuglo! Imuglo是结合了两大跨世纪专利成分的强体配方, 专为生活在污染指数不断提高的环境且饮食不均的现代人所贴心打造! 

When we have low immunity, we may be facing various health issues: fall sick easily, indigestion, malnutrition, skin allergies, inflammation, wounds take longer time to heal and more. Wellous understands that the weakening of immune system has now become a common health concern for most of the people, therefore, we have developed Imuglo! 

结合两大跨世纪成份 Maritech® 褐藻糖胶 取自世界级纯净海洋中的天然有机裙带菜海藻,Maritech®褐藻糖胶含有高达85%活性成分,而通过冷水技术萃取的褐藻糖胶也不含任何的有害残留物! Elderberry® 欧洲黑接骨木浆果提取物 黑接骨木浆果的天然抗氧化能力是大多水果的2倍;花青素是蓝莓的5倍、蔓越莓的8倍!

此外,Imuglo也含有其他能有效成分,如PUREWAY-C™维生素C脂质产物和舞茸菌丝体提取物等! 成分 Maritech®褐藻糖胶 Eldercraft®欧洲黑接骨木浆果提取物 PUREWAY-C维生素C脂质产物 舞茸菌丝体提取物 混合果汁 

建议用量: 每日服用一袋
Recommended consumption: One sachet per day 

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